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The museum has a 1950s-era soda fountain, Sam’s old Ford F-150 pickup truck that he used for hunting trips, and charming examples of Walmart’s legendary customer service. One client returned a circular outdoor thermometer because it never told the right time. Another customer sent back an electric pencil sharpener because it didn’t work on ballpoint pens. They got their money back, no questions asked. Walmart’s problem, of course, is that its vast, $485 billion empire increasingly resembles a fusty museum. There are many businesses they could be compared to — Kodak, Blockbuster, or any major newspaper conglomerate — but their plight reminds me most of the bookseller Barnes & Noble. Thirty years ago, everyone hated B&N for putting hundreds of local bookstores out of business, with their ugly big-box book warehouses. Then online retailer Amazon appeared on the scene and put almost every local bookstore out of business. Get Arguable with Jeff Jacoby in your inbox: Our conservative columnist offers a weekly take on everything from politics to pet peeves.

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