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In a speech to parliament, the centrist President Klaus Iohannis admonished the Social Democrat-led government for the late-night adoption of a cabinet decree on Feb. 1 that critics said would have turned the clock back on the fight against corruption in the former communist state, one of the most graft-ridden in the European Union. But Iohannis said the Social Democrats had won the right to govern in a December election and should continue to do so. Though his role is largely ceremonial, the president's powers include nominating the prime minister after elections and returning legislation to parliament for reconsideration. "You have been saying in public that I would like to overthrow the legitimate government," he told lawmakers. "That's false. You won, now you govern and legislate, but not at any price." "Romania needs a strong government, not one that shyly executes party orders," said Iohannis, a former leader of the center-right opposition. "You should legislate for Romania, not for a group of politicians with problems." "The resignation of a single minister is too little and early elections would at this stage be too much. This is the available room for maneuver." Romania's government revoked the decree on Sunday after 250,000 protesters turned out in Bucharest, numbers not seen since the fall of communism in 1989. The order would have decriminalised a number of graft offences. Crowds called for Grindeanu's cabinet to resign.

Our officers acted appropriately, consistent with the law and the Police Departments policies, said the citys attorney, Sarah Foreman. Hillebrand said he did not resist arrest or pose any threat to officers and that the attack on his face and hip left him with permanent scars and other injuries. My arm was in the dogs mouth when I woke up, he said during a deposition. It was one of the most painful things Ive ever dealt with in my life, and one of the scariest Like this is way more traumatizing than having some guy gut me with a broadhead arrow. Police painted a different picture, saying officers responded to reports that Hillebrand was at his ex-girlfriends home, high on drugs and yelling. They said an officer repeatedly shouted that Hillebrand needed to leave or a K-9 dog would be deployed. According to police, the officers searched the home and found Hillebrand under a bedsheet. An officer commanded Dillon to ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน 5 ฟุต bark at the person under the sheet. Hillebrand refused orders to show his hands, and the officer told Dillon to pull him off the bed. Hillebrand, who was unarmed, later told officers he could hear the dog barking but would not say why he declined to show his hands, police said.

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