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Former President Barack Obama had lifted the gag rule in 2009 when he took office. "Women's health and rights are now one of the first casualties of the Trump administration," said Serra Sippel, president of the Center for Health and Gender Equity in Washington. "The global gag rule has been associated with an increase in unsafe abortions and we expect that Trump's global gag rule will cost women their lives," she said. Reinstatement of the gag rule, formally the Mexico City policy, comes just two days after crowds of people marched in cities around the world in a show of unity for women's rights, among them abortion access. While no official estimates were available, organizers said nearly five million people participated. The far-reaching gag rule affects groups getting funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development, even if they use separate money for abortion services, counseling or referrals, advocates note. "It is appalling to dictate to civil society groups and health care providers how they can spend their own money and force them to withhold from women critical information about and access to the full range of reproductive health care," said Nancy Northup, president of the U.S.-based Center for Reproductive Rights. The policy puts groups that provide women's health care in an "untenable position," said Brian Dixon of Population Connection Action Fund. They can either accept the restriction to keep their funding or they can reject the restriction and lose their funding, Dixon said. "Either choice hurts the women that rely on them." Following the rule's inception in 1984, former President Bill Clinton revoked it when he took office in 1993 and former President George W.

You can shop the full event in store and online here. Tesco Tesco is running its baby and toddler event until Sunday, February 5. What's included? The K2 Group 2-3 Car Seat which is a suitable for children from four years old has had 40 taken off its price. Tesco is offering a third off the price of other car seats during this events. Clothing is also on offer with two items for 10. You can shop the full savings i loved this here. B&M Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc B&M has launched its ชุด เครื่อง นอน ราคา ถูก มาก first baby event in stores which will run until Sunday February 4. Products in the event includes blankets, bedding sets and and clothing. Stand out pieces include the five piece set featuring a romper, bodysuit, bib along with a hat and gloves.

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